A clover is the most common item found in nuts when kicked open by Rollie McFly in Bugdom, there being three types of clover.

Green cloversEdit


Green clovers are by far the most abundant and widely found in the game. Each green clover collected gives the player a 200 point bonus when they complete the level and the score is calculated.

Blue cloversEdit

These are only found four times in any particular level. Each clover is worth nothing by itself, but if all are collected by the player, a 3,000 point bonus is added onto the end-level score.

Gold cloversEdit

There are only four gold clovers located in the entire game. If all four are collected by the player, a 10,000 point bonus, the largest available in the game, is added on to the player's score during the end-level score calculations. The gold clovers are found on levels 2, 6, 8 and 9.

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