There are 3 different kind of bees.

Flying Bee (friend) aka Buddy Bug
Buddy bug

Bee freind

They appear in nuts. You can use a tab to shoot at the enemy. Except for toxic gas roaches, it can only kill 1 enemy at a time.

Flying Worker Bee (enemy)

Photo 454

Flying Worker Bees

These bees will fly to you and try to sting you, they are easily killed when you are on a dragonfly.

Hitpoints: 1

Appearance: 4, 5, 6, 7

Attack: Sting

Type: Enemy, Flying

Walking Worker Bee

These guys only appear in the bee's nest. They are much stronger than the flying bee's, but they don't fly, they just walk slowly. when walking bee turns around, watch out, because he will shoot his sting at you. They die directly after they shot their sting, otherwise they are invincible.

Hitpoints: invincible

Appearance: 6, 7

Attack: Sting Shot

Type: Enemy, Walking

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